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Summer Kid's Art Enrichment Program

or is it Summer Art Camp?

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes: Anti-Bullying and Racism Activity Children Guide (paperback) Written and Illustrated by Rozenia Cunningham

Students learning how to paint landscapes on canvas with acylic paint. This male student sold his painting at our outdoor exhibit.

Mural by artist Walt Neal

virtual art classes for children

individual, groups, and schools

Cool and fun gift of art supplies with enough for many paintings and projects.

Art it Yourself

Euclid, OH Downtown at Shore Cultural Centre

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes written by Judi Cunningham and Illustrated by Rozenia Cunningham (founder of Art it Yourself)

Frequently asked questions

What can Art it Yourself teach my child? Your budding artist can learn the

fundamentals of art and art techniques, how to appreciate art and critique, drawing, cartoons, painting, ceramics, graffiti, so much more.

Step by step guided instructions for some lessons and other times students 

will have to be a free thinker to create their masterpieces.

Your child's skills will be enhanced and their self esteem will grow.  They learn about various artists, art vocabulary, color theory, how to exhibit and sell, how to enter art contests, and framing.

Can anyone come to the program? If your child is age 6-16 and always drawing, painting, or crafting then, we want to see your child this summer. Children are from various cities.

How many spaces are there?  Currently 20 spots for each age group

1st group  6-11  and  2nd group 12-16

Will they only do art?

No, but a huge part of the program is focused on art and being creative. Children will share write a comic strip, play games, circle rap time, community art challenge, and do virtual field trips

Do we have an art show? We will have an online art exhibit for friends, family, and the world to tour.

What's new this year?  Virtual Art Camp

Are their field trips?

Yes. Look forward to weekly virtual field trips to museums, zoo,  parks, and other exciting places.

How many kids are in the program?

This program was designed for an elite group so that more one on one attention can be provided. We range 20 students per age group which allows us to expand unique experiences.

Can I bring and share my art that I made at home or school? Yes, you may share your cool art to share with your fellow artists. Make sure you are ready to tell us how you made it and how it made you feel. Sharing Monday is the day!

How do the children feel about the camp after they leave? They are proud

of their artwork and the self esteem has blossomed. Many continue doing art and come back to our Kid's Open Art Studio on Saturday mornings and participate in local and state exhibits.

Can I snack or eat lunch while I create my art?  Okay to snack and eat lunch but be careful not spill anything on your cool art work.