Art Gallery

Watercolor paintings done by our senior citizens at assisted  and independent living homes. Some students have demenitia and alzheimers

Senior citizens staying active in  writing, knitting, painting, crafting, and  other forms of creativity stimulates the mind.  It is important even when selecting an assisted living home that there is a strong  extra curriculum or hands on activities.  They are challenged with selecting, arranging, colors, materials, and subjects. During a class it may even bring back memories and conversation.  Making art strengthens the motor skills. Senior citizens that have never had the time to do art now have that time. When completing art or having an opportunity to participate in an art exhibit they are proud which leads to building self esteem.

Below are websites with information about the benefits of senior citizens doing art

New England Geriatrics

Painting, Drawing, and Sculpting in Old Age may Protect against Dementia