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Euclid, OH Downtown at Shore Cultural Centre



Students learning how to paint landscapes on canvas with acylic paint. This male student sold his painting at our outdoor exhibit.

Summer Kid's Art Enrichment Program

or is it Summer Art Camp?


Give the gift of art creativity by sponsoring a child in our yearly Summer Kid's Art & Community Mural Program. Sponsor a student for a week or more. Art is healing and builds self esteem.  We go out to visit those who may be shut in to share art and do activities. Exploring the neighborhood and giving back to the community are very important. Collaborative murals are just one way that we bring a colorful cheerful smile to neighbors, residents, and businesses. 


Not your typical camp but an enrichment art program


Kid's Art & Mural Program

June 8-Aug 14, 2020
Register Early

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM-3:30 PM.

Must at least register for 2 weeks or more.

Also, Drop in Art Class available with RSVP.

Early Pre Registration begins

March 2, 2020

Reg fee $25 and weekly rate $130 

​Limited Space

Application can be emailed

Please call 216-395-4278 or email to for more details.

Mural by artist Walt Neal

Frequently asked questions

What can Art it Yourself teach my child? Your budding artist can learn the

fundamentals of art and art techniques, how to appreciate art and critique, drawing, cartoons, painting, ceramics, graffiti, mural painting and so much more.

Your child's skills will be enhanced and their self esteem will grow.  They learn about various artists, art vocabulary, color theory, how to exhibit and sell, how to enter art contests, framing, and about art careers.

Can anyone come to the program? If your child is age 6-15 and always drawing, painting, or crafting then, we want to see your child this summer. Children are from various cities.

How many spaces are there?  Age 6 (3 spots), Ages 7,8 (6 spots) Ages 9, 10

(6 spots) Ages 11 on up (10 spots)

Will they only do art?

No, but a huge part of the program is focused on art and being creative. Children will have free time to select activities and outdoor fun is a must. Sports equipment, balls, jump ropes, and exercise are daily.

Do we have an art show? We have an art exhibit at the end of the program where these young artists can sell their art too.

What's new this year?

We have Community Art projects where we make art and  share it with  the seniors, sick and shut in, military, victims of bullying, and others. It is a way of saying thank you or simply showing that we care. What a great way to give back and show an act of kindness.

Are their field trips?

Yes. Look forward to weekly field trips to either museums, park, skating rink, library, "Wild Walk Adventures", and other excursions.

How many kids are in the program?

This program was designed for an elite group so that more one on one attention can be provided. We range 20-25 students which allows us to expand unique experiences.

Can I bring and share my art that I made at home or school? Yes, you may share your cool art to share with your fellow artists. Make sure you are ready to tell us how you made it and how it made you feel. Sharing Monday is the day!

How do the children feel about the camp after they leave? They are proud

of their artwork and the self esteem has blossomed. Many continue doing art and come back to our Kid's Open Art Studio on Saturday mornings and participate in local and state exhibits.

Do I bring my lunch? Please have breakfast at home and bring a snack and lunch.  Don't forget a refillable water bottle. When on field trips children may purchase or pack lunch.